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Military Ridge State Trail 5/7/2011 and 5/8/2011

Posted by on May 9, 2011

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One of my favorite training routes is taking the Military Ridge Trail from Madison to Mt Horeb. The route is about 39 miles round trip if you start from the bridge over Fish Hatchery and Mckee Rd. The route is scenic and has relatively low traffic. When you arrive in Mt Horeb you can either take a break at the depot or stop in the Grumpy Troll for a cold beer before returning to Madison.

I’ve spent most of this spring on the Badger State Trail and paved Madison routes due to the weather and trail conditions. I have been to Verona a few times but the unpaved section of the trail thru Verona has been in such terrible shape i have been avoiding taking longer trips on the Military Ridge Trail.

I went biking on the Military Ridge Trail on 5/7/2011 and 5/8/2011. The conditions along the Trail are excellent in spots and poor in spots. The poor areas consist of 2 miles in either direction of Verona or Riley. Large indentations on the trail left by bike tires, footprints and animal tracks from trail use in the early spring when the ground was still flooded have left the trail in poor shape. Id like to give a big thank you to all the people who felt it necessary to use the trail when it was flooded and left their foot and bike prints for the rest of us to deal with now that the trail has dried out…..

The good news is that other than areas by the major depots the trail is in great shape and near peak conditions. Once you get a few miles outside of Verona the casual traffic starts to die down and the path stays pretty clear the rest of the way. The depots in Verona and Mt Horeb are open along with the bathrooms and drinking fountains. The port-a-john is Riley is also open.

I also stop by the Grumpy Troll is Mt Horeb to take a break before returning to Madison. As usual their freshly brewed beer is excellent. I had the Sunflower Ale and also tried the Scotch Ale fresh from the cask. These are both excellent beers but id probably go with the Sunflower on a hot day over the Scotch Ale since it’s cask conditioned.

I plan on doing the full route from Madison to Dodgeville soon and will make another post with the full route conditions.

From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge

One Response to Military Ridge State Trail 5/7/2011 and 5/8/2011

  1. Linda Weiss

    First time seeing your blog…great pix! Would you want pix of other trails? I could add info from my rides if you’d like!

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