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Military Ridge State Trail 5/28/2011 – Full Trail

Posted by on May 29, 2011

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On Saturday May 28th 2011, the weather was finally nice enough for a weekend ride along the Military Ridge State Trail from Madison to Dodgeville and back. This route is about 85 miles round trip.

The weather was 60 degrees and cloudy when i left Madison. The weather on the way back was a bit nicer at 70 degrees and sunny. Wind was around 13mph out of the southwest providing a slight headwind on the way to Dodgeville and a tailwind on the way back. All of the bathrooms and drinking fountains along the trail are open for the season. There was hardly any traffic the entire trip, after Mt Horeb i probably didn’t pass more than 20 people.

The whole trail was in excellent shape. As i had mentioned in a previous post the trail has been groomed and most of the human, bike and animal tracks from the spring are gone. The only issues with the trail are the ~4 mile paved section west of the Ridgeway station. This paved area has been deteriorating for many years and has a few spots to watch your speed on.

As usual, i recorded the whole route on my Android phone using the SportsTrackLive app. This app records distance, elevation, speed etc. It provides voice feedback and a nice on-screen display. Below you will find an elevation chart i made with from my route recording. I also took many pictures with my GPS enabled camera, below you can find an album along with a map that plots out all the different pictures on a map. This also allowed me to add photos to my exists Military Ridge Trail map of depots, rest areas and some scenic spots.

Military Ridge State Trail photo album
Photo album plotted in Google Maps
Military Ridge State Trail Elevation Chart
Military Ridge State Trail Map

From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge
From Military Ridge

One Response to Military Ridge State Trail 5/28/2011 – Full Trail

  1. Barefoot

    The military ridge trail can be a bit sandy. Don’t expect to safely average more than 13-15 mph. But it’s a great ride from Madison — uphill and into the wind in the morning, but a very comfortable cruise home in the afternoon. Be sure to stop for views at Brigham and/or Blue Mounds parks, and a swimming dip at Governor Dodge.

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