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Badger & Sugar River Trail 6/26/2011 – Madison to Brodhead

Posted by on June 28, 2011

On Sunday, June 26th i took a ride from Madison, WI to Brodhead, WI along the Badger and Sugar River State Trails. This route was about 79 miles round trip. This Monticello to Brodhead section of the trail has some excellent views along the Sugar River Trail. If you have not taken this section of the trail i would recommend checking it out.

The Badger and Sugar River were both in peak conditions for the season. All bathrooms and water fountains along the trail are open for the season. Brodhead has a few bars and restaurants in the downtown area, i stopped at Flinagans Bar & Grill for lunch, it had typical bar food and good service. Not much extra time this week so im going to keep the writeup short, but here are some pictures.

Madison to Brodhead Trail Map
Badger and Sugar River Trail Photo Album

From Badger and Sugar River


From Badger and Sugar River


From Badger and Sugar River


From Badger and Sugar River

4 Responses to Badger & Sugar River Trail 6/26/2011 – Madison to Brodhead

  1. Jim Roberts

    Just a note that my cycle computer is very accurate and having ridden the Sugar River Trail many times, it is 23 miles from NG Depot to the shelter/parking lot in Brodhead. It is NOT 24 miles long. Also note that the mile posts are not accurately placed i. e., not exactly 1 mile between markers. The inaccuracy is worse between NG and Monticello.
    For what it’s worth, the Badger State Trail markers coming north from the stqte line are extremely inaccurate — in fact by the time you get to the 6 mile marker, you’ve gone 7 miles. Thereafter, they seem to be approximately 1 mile apart.
    My guess is that these were placed using a motor vehicle’s odometer, most of whom are notoriously inaccurate, particularly if you are talking about a truck.

    • Bart

      Thanks for the input, ill upgrade my mileage charts. I run a gps myself, and i had thought the markers seemed off a times, good thing its not just me.

  2. bob

    Good blog! I tuned Jim onto this a bit ago. Have ridden no further north on the trails (from Monroe) intend , however, on running up to New Glarus this sat. and possibly to B-head before a return to home. Its sweet living 1 block off of the trail.

  3. bob

    Whoops, I meant to say no further north than Monticell.

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